Justice Jones (lilmizzoleskool) wrote in inspired_readin,
Justice Jones

I just wanted to introduce myself my name is Jay. im 17 from los angeles cali. I absolutly love Langston Hughes , Claude McKay and 2pac. I was wondering if anyone knows oh a complete set of poems from Langston Hughes online? cuz im lookin for this poem called "kids who die" so if anyone could help me out it'd b greatly appreciated.
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hey welcome. I'll add Claude McKay to the interests. Couldn't tell you a place to find that though, sorry
welcome!! i tried but i couldn't find it. but i'll keep lookin for ya!
I looked again for you and couldn't find it. Might want to look at Collected Poems, the book. It has almost all of them. It's only like 10$ at BandN or Borders.